are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch

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Man, the thing that sucks about me is that I constantly feel drained with out even doing anything, so when I try to do something (like actually be a fun/outgoing friend) I can’t do it because I am too drained, to the point where it is effort to leave my room and participate in normal daily activities. So my average day ends up being me, in my room, reading or watching a movie I have already seen/read 100 times, worrying that my friends will stop being my friends because I give nothing and to be honest, I mean, even I cringe hearing myself talk sometimes it’s that fucking negative, I can’t imagine how they feel having to listen to me all the time. I can’t see any appeal in being my friend yet I expect them to always be there. It’s sad really because I think I am close to all of these people, despite me worrying, yet I bet they think about not being my friend all the time, I mean, they have to be, so many people seem to like me, then when they have been close to me for a few months, they replace me as soon as they find someone cooler, prettier, funnier, nicer, less-negative and I understand but it just sucks for me because I am left here thinking about all this shit and I still feel the same about them as I did when we were close. I bet they don’t really think about me at all now. Ah, I don’t know.